Welcome to the 5th Dii Desert Energy Conference

Register now for the 5th Dii Desert Energy Conference this October 13-14 in Rome where High-level international representatives from the political, industrial and scientific communities as well as civil society will meet to identify common actions to reach a market in which renewable energies will blossom, improving the total energy mix of the Mediterranean region. This year’s conference is under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

We observe that desert power is already clearly emerging in MENA. Wind and solar energy generation capacity is doubling in 2014 compared to 2013. A growing awareness of the value and necessity of the long term energy transition can be observed across the public and private sectors in MENA countries as evidenced by their accumulated national Solar and Wind targets for 2020 amounting to over 35 GW. Still a lot needs to be done to further its progress. Continued support for fossil fuel and lacking regulation, to name a few, must no longer be hurdles on the road to sustainability.  

The 5th Dii Desert Energy Conference, in cooperation with among others, Res4Med (Rome), will offer a wholly new format with a range of interactive workshops giving participants the opportunities to engage on crucial topics, to network with other stakeholder groups and identify common best practices.

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